Cover Art

D40 Dad

The Drouth celebrates ten years with its 40th issue, and the Lennox family were able to help them celebrate in style. The cover image here is a slightly crumpled sketch on brown paper, around 35 years old which has been stashed away for safe keeping. The portrait is of my dad, Gordon- with pipe in hand, as he was drawn by the great writer and artist Alasdair Gray. At the time they shared a flat, along with my mum, Pat. They were both at Glasgow school of Art as Alasdair got on with writing Lanark. Hearing stories of this period of my parents’ life led me to believe that Glasgow was some kind of bohemian dreamland.

I took this photograph in the attic as I was rooting around. I hadn’t seen the drawing before, but my dad’s expression leapt out immediately – its one I’ve seen many times; reading my report cards or hearing about my career progress…

It was printed in Issue 40 of The Drouth with kind permission of Mr Gray.


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