Sample script Charivari

Here you can read a ten page sample of the script I developed last year. The script went on to win ‘Script of the Year 2012’ from Shed Media/Caledonian Uni. It’s a bit of a gothic fantasy, but rooted firmly in a specific time and place (1912, fairground life) and aimed at a teen audience, but I think older audiences would also enjoy it.

I received lovely feedback from Mcfarlane Chard agency, script doctor Sarah wrote “Emma has a strong, imaginative voice and this is the kind of new writing that really excites.”

So have a look and if you want to read the full one hour episode drop me an email. (Link to sample pages below treatment).

The Great Lafayette


Do you dare believe in magic?

Mhari Johnstone wants her sister back. Joy has disappeared and it’s up to Mhari, a sickly and sheltered 15 year old to enter the strange world of the fairgrounds, music halls and back streets to find her.

The story begins in 1912 in the small village of Aberdreckie. The night is full of excitement for the visiting fair, but Mhari and Joy have been locked in their attic room by their overzealous father, Duncan. Joy is determined to break out, and takes Mhari for her first taste of freedom. The night leads them to the infamous magician: the Great Lafayette. And it’s there, in his cabinet, Joy vanishes.

Charivari is a thrilling mystery, which delves into the dark history of magic and lifts the curtain on fairground life behind the scenes.  Superstitious Melody Boswell runs a boxing pavilion with her husband George. When George dies suddenly from his injuries, Melody is in desperate trouble and finds her own reason to seek the help from the magician. Technical geek, Art Miller runs a bioscope for his uncle but is more interested in catching the mysterious Lafayette on film. Magic can be a murky world of deception and betrayal, and no one knows this more than Alberta and Victor Kirkpatrick, a gruesome twosome who will stop at nothing to get their hands on the esteemed Lafayette. For what purpose, we can’t yet speculate, but we know it won’t be pretty.

Mhari discovers disturbing stories about her own family’s past, and finds that Lafayette has had a pivotal role in her life without her knowledge. In the course of one night, Mhari’s life has fallen apart. To reunite with Joy, Mhari has to take a leap of faith, overcome her fears and join the topsy turvy life of the shows.

Charivari is a six part family drama full of action, deception and intrigue. So does Mhari believe in magic? If she wants to find her sister, she has to.

Charivari sample pages Lennox


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