Creative Scotland funded


I was recently awarded an artist’s bursary from Creative Scotland. This is a fund that supports artist’s of various fields to take time to develop themselves personally. I went for the great “so you think you can do this? prove it” fund. No more excuses about if only you had more time, or weren’t so broke etc. I’ve got six months to get on with ideas, projects, treatments and also, I hope, some actual writing! It’s amazing how much of the writing life is TALKING about it, and I definitely want to take some time to hammer out a new idea across the page. Which reminds me of one of my favourite quotes about writing:

My plight drove me to the typewriter. I sat before it, overwhelmed with grief for Arturo Bandini. Sometimes an idea floated harmlessly through the room. It was like a small white bird. It meant no ill will. It only wanted to help me, dear little bird. But I would strike at it, hammer it out across the keyboard, and it would die on my hands.

John Fante

I think we can all relate to that! It’s always good to hear other writer’s perspectives, so in October I went down to the London Screenwriter’s Festival- (my blog on my experience is on their website here.) It was intimidating at first to see hundreds of writers milling around, but then it was strangely comforting. Writers have to try and impress so many people with the strange thoughts in their heads, but they don’t need to impress other writers in the same way. So there was some refreshing honesty on display with a good dose of camaraderie. I’ll definitely be returning next year to take advantage of their pitching sessions.

Right enough chat. Let’s do this.


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