About Me

I’m a freelance writer with six years experience and still no idea how to write the ‘about me’ page of a blog. The truth is I’ve created this website to showcase some of my work as a writer, in the hope that it will inspire your trust in me, to collaborate on exciting, interesting projects. You see, dear reader, I just want to impress you, (I’ve worked for the BBC as a sketch writer, script writer and script editor) and if there’s a way of expressing my achievements to you (I was awarded a best script prize by Shed Media tycoons in 2012) without sounding like an egotistical nightmare (I’ve also had a short script commissioned by Creative Scotland) then that’s what I aim to do!

I currently split my time between a second-hand writing desk and a film production company in Glasgow. Various jobs I’ve had are researcher, developer, documentarian, journalist, reviewer, editor, dishwasher. Over the years I’ve worked at the GRCH, GFT, NGS, trained at TRC and FYI have no STDs. My school work experience was walking donkeys around Beveridge park in Kirkcaldy.


This is my typewriter which I got for £18 at the junk shop in Ruthven Lane. I use it for first drafts and it works a treat. I don’t want to be mistaken for a hipster however (note that I didn’t instagram this image), I just agree with every writer ever that the internet is anathema to writing. But I don’t need to tell you that, dear reader, you’ve probably got a ton of work waiting for you right now, and here you are, reading this! What a bizarre way to spend your time…


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